Running batches of files at a time from a script

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Old 05-06-2010
Running batches of files at a time from a script


I have a script that performs a process on a file.

I want to know how to include a function to run a batch of files?

Here is my script

#This script allows the user to import a dsx file 
# Usage:
#./ -s -d -r -o -f
module=`basename $0`

I wrote something like this:
function batch
for dsxfile in $dsxdir/*
$dsximp $norule $oprange --dsn=$dsn --dbname=$dbname --user=datasafe --password=datasafe --dsxfile=$dsxdir/$dsxfile

function displayHelp()
echo ""
echo " Usage: ./ [ -s -d -r -o -f ]"
echo ""
echo " -s, --dsn identified by the Data Source Name "
echo " -d, --dbname Identified by the Database Name "
echo " -r, --norule Do not excecute dsxrule " 
echo " -o, --oprange Use optimize range checking " 
echo " -f, --dsxfile Identified by the file in dsx format "
echo " -b, --batch Runs the import for a batch of files "
echo " -h, --help Identified by the help menu "
echo ""

if [ -e ${dsxpids}$ ] 
dsxlog $reverb --warning --module="$module" " pid = $$ : Is already running"
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "started pid = $$" 
while getopts " s: d: r o f: b e h " option
case $option in

f ) dsxfile="$OPTARG";;
d ) dbname="$OPTARG";;
s ) dsn="$OPTARG";;
r ) norule="-r";;
o ) oprange="-O";;
e ) verbose="--verbose";
b ) batch;;
h ) displayHelp;
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "displaying --helpmenu";
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "ended, pid = $$";
? | * )displayHelp;
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "invalid option entered --see helpmenu ";
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "ended, pid = $$";

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "no options have been entered --see helpmenu"
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "ended, pid = $$" 
exit 1
$dsximp $norule $oprange --dsn=$dsn --dbname=$dbname --user=datasafe --password=datasafe --dsxfile=$dsxdir/$dsxfile
dsxlog $reverb --info --module="$module" "ended, pid = $$" 

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Old 05-06-2010
are u getting any errors??
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Old 05-07-2010
Not errors, but it isn't performing the function I would like it to do.

It doesn't read the files....
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