Perl - Net::FTP issue

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Perl - Net::FTP issue

Wondering if anyone can help or advise on following issue.
The below script should simply connect to a different server and retrieve certain files for me.

PHP Code:

use lib "/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxx";


my $directory "xxxxxxxx";
my $destinationDir =  "xxxxxxxxx";
my $filePrefix getYesterdaysDateStamp();
my $fileName $filePrefix ".tfl";
my $host "xx.x.xxxx.xx";
my $user "xxxxxx";
my $pwd "xxxxxx";

my $mk_ftp;
    or die 
"Cannot change directory"$mk_ftp->message;

$mk_ftp Net::FTP->new($hostDebug => 0)
      or die 
"Cannot connect to host: $@";

"Logging in FTP session\n");
      or die 
"Cannot login "$mk_ftp->message;
"Change destination directory\n");
      or die 
"Dir change failed "$mk_ftp->message;

"Getting file to put on Fang: $fileName\n");
      or die 
"put failed "$mk_ftp->message;
"Closing FTP session\n");

sub getYesterdaysDateStamp {
my $timeSeconds time();
$timeSeconds $timeSeconds - (60 60 24); # seconds in a day
my @time gmtime($timeSeconds);
my $year = @time[5] + 1900;
my $month = @time[4];
my $day = @time[3];
    if (
$month 10) { $month "0$month"; }
    if (
$day 10)  { $day "0$day"; }

However im getting the following result

Can't locate object method "new" via package "Net::FTP::A" at /usr/perl5/5.00503/sun4-solaris/IO/ line 253.

Does anyone know why this error is appearing or even better how to get rid of it??

any advice or info would be much appreciated.
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Maybe this helps:
use Net::FTP::A;

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