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Perl Data Structures

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Old 04-13-2010
Perl Data Structures

Here is what i need to do.

@data #has all column wise data so say info for col 1 location for all rows would be in this array

$array[index] = \@data

But i need to create a file which should contain these information in a format for all columns even if i have got no values from some of the index say $array[1] could be null.

So the @array would store data in a columnar form which would also include some blank columns.

Example -
$array[0] = \@data  #@data=(1,2,3)
$array[1] = NULL
$array[2] = \@data1 #@data=(A,B,C)

Need to format the data in this way

I have the rowcount of records and count of columns need to make it generic

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