How to (n)awk lines of CSV with certain number of fields?

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Old 04-07-2010
How to (n)awk lines of CSV with certain number of fields?

I have a CSV file with a variable number of fields per record. How do I print lines of a certain number of fields only? Several permutations of the following (including the use of escape characters) have failed to retrieve the line I'm after (1,2,3,4)...

$ cat myfile
$ # Print lines made from ((one or more non commas followed by a comma) x 3)
$ nawk '/([^,]*,){3}/' myfile

Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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$ nawk -F, 'NF == 4' myfile

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Old 04-07-2010
Please try with this

awk -F"," ' NF == 4 {print }' myfile

I think this should work.Smilie
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