how to create and access a directory in the same script using variables

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how to create and access a directory in the same script using variables

I have a working script that defines the paths using variables which is used to move a rename files that are being archived. Is there a way to create a directory in the path with the date as the name and then reference it when moving the file to it?

Here is what I have tried with no luck....

#list of prefixes
my $date=`date +%Y%m%d`;
chomp( $date );
mkdir -p /testmisc/import/bts/archive/$date, 0777
mkdir -p /testmisc/import/bts/archive/logs/$date, 0777
# directory paths
my $IMPORTBTS = "/testmisc/import/bts";
my $IMPORTARCHIVEBTS = "/testmisc/import/bts/archive/$date";
my $IMPORTBTSLOGS = "/testmisc/import/bts/logs";
my $IMPORTARCHBTSLOGS = "/testmisc/import/bts/archive/logs/$date";
#~ call main
sub main {
#~ Copy Import files to IMPORTARCHIVEBTS
sub do_archive {
if ( ! -d $IMPORTBTS ) {
  print "Directory $IMPORTBTS no found!\n";
  exit( 1 );
  print "Directory $IMPORTARCHIVEBTS no found!\n";
  exit( 1 );
foreach my $p ( @list ) {
  if ( -e "$IMPORTBTS/$p\_Import.txt" ) {
    my @r = `mv $IMPORTBTS/$p\_Import.txt $IMPORTARCHIVEBTS/$p\_Imp_ARCH_$date.txt`;
    print @r;
    `mv $IMPORTBTSLOGS/$p\_Import_Log.txt $IMPORTARCHBTSLOGS/$p\_Imp_Log_$date.txt`;
    print @r; 
  else {
    print "$IMPORTBTS/$p\_Import.txt not found!\n";

Last edited by Franklin52; 03-19-2010 at 05:50 PM.. Reason: Please indent your code and use code tags!!
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Sorry, I cannot follow this code. This is unix shell not Oracle SQL. There are just too many semi-colons.

It is never necessary or advisible to end a line in unix shell script with a semi-colon.

Please state what Operating System and shell you are using?

If you can, please remove all trailing semi-colons and then re-test and re-post.

Btw (ignoring the semi-colon for the moment) what do you want this command to do?

chomp( $date );

After careful thought, this line makes me wonder if this is a normal shell?

Time to show my ignorance of Linux .. maybe. What is the command "my"?

I give up. The code posted is unintelligible without context.

Last edited by methyl; 03-19-2010 at 11:27 PM.. Reason: Appended. If you can ...
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