bash script won't execute (Mac)

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bash script won't execute (Mac)

I can't get any bash scripts to run in Terminal (Mac - Snow Leopard). I have the following super-simple script, and I can't get it to execute despite having the correct permissions (I think).


echo "WORK... PLEASE?!"

I named the file '', and I added execution permissions via the following command:

chmod +x

The permissions look to be correct, but when I type "" I get that stupid
"-bash: command not found"


Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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When you type a command, the shell looks in your path, which is a list of directories, for the location of the program. You can find your path by typing "echo $PATH", but it's usually something like /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin and /bin. In this case it didn't find the script in those locations. To run from the current directory, add the "./"
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Otherwise,you can also run the script by following command.

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Originally Posted by rdcwayx

Ah... makes sense. Is there a way to change that (or would it be best to leave it alone)?

Thanks for all the quick responses. You guys/gals are awesome!
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Depend on which default shell you use.

Add below line in your .profile

export PATH

After that, you can run with filename directly.

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You can use the following way also to run the bash script


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