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How to call a shell script from a perl module which uses Filehandle to login

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to call a shell script from a perl module which uses Filehandle to login
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Old 01-28-2010
Java How to call a shell script from a perl module which uses Filehandle to login

Hi Guru's,

Pardon me for the breach of rules.....

I have very little knowledge about Shell Programming and Scripting hope you guys help me out of this troble

I have very little time hence could not find the right way to direct my queries.

coming to the problem

I need to call a shell script from a perl module which uses Filehandle to login...

this is how the Code looks like

# package SFTP PUT_APEX
package SFTP_PUT_APEX;
# package SFTP PUT_APEX
package SFTP_PUT_APEX;
# Use the following Perl SFTP Libraries
use Net::SFTP::Foreign;
use File::Copy;
# Set generic components lib path
use lib ("$ENV{'BATCH_CODE'}/generic_components");
# Include the ERROR_FILE component
# sub FTP PUT batch component
sub sftp_put {
        # Get the parameters passed from the Batch Holder
        my ($date_time, $CONFIG_FILE_PATH, $SFTP_RENAME_APEX, $FILENAME) = @_;
        # Open the configuration text file in which all the environment variables are stored
        open (CONFIG, $CONFIG_FILE_PATH) or return CallingError(ERROR_FILE::errorMethod($date_time,$CONFIG_FILE_PATH, $BATCH_ID = "NO_ID", $ERROR_COMPONENT =
 " $hash{'ERROR_COMP_FTPPUT'}", $ERROR_STATUS = "N", $ERROR_CODE = "FEAPP6000", $ERROR_SHORT = "Could not Open file", $ERROR_DESC = "Could not open the confi
guration file located: $CONFIG_FILE_PATH", $SEVERITY = "10"));
        # Put all the data in the configuration file into an array
        @data = <CONFIG>;
        # Loop through each line of the file that holds the variables
        foreach $var_line (@data) {
                # If the current line in the data is a variable
                if( $var_line =~ /(.+)\s+(.+)/ ) {
                        # Store in hash table
                        $hash{ $1 } = $2;
        # Open the file where the username is stored
        open(FILEHANDLE, "$ENV{'BATCH_HOME'}/$hash{'USERPASSAPEX'}") or return CallingError(ERROR_FILE::errorMethod($date_time, $CONFIG_FILE_PATH, $BATCH_ID
= "Could not open the username/password file located: $hash{'USERPASSAPEX'}", $SEVERITY = "10"));
        # Loads all the lines of the username/password file into an array
        @no_of_lines = <FILEHANDLE>;
        # If there file is not NULL
        if (@no_of_lines ne NULL) {
                # For each line in the array
                foreach $no_of_lines(@no_of_lines) {
                        # Assign the current line to a variable
                        $first_line = $no_of_lines;
                        # Get the first character of the line and assign it to a variable
                        ($checkhash) = ($first_line =~ /^(\C)/);
                        # If there is not a hash in front of the current line, this must contain the username and password
                        if ($checkhash ne '#') {
                                # Gets the username from the file
                                ($username) = ($first_line =~ /^(\S+),/);
                                print $username;
                                print "The User Name is Printed above";
                                # Capture an error if the username is blank
                                if ($username eq NULL) {
                                # Call error handler and terminate the FTP Put component
                                CallingError(ERROR_FILE::errorMethod($date_time, $CONFIG_FILE_PATH, $BATCH_ID= "NO_ID", $ERROR_COMPONENT = "$hash{'ERROR_COMP
_FTPPUT'}", $ERROR_STATUS = "N", $ERROR_CODE = "FEAPP6008", $ERROR_SHORT = "Variable is NULL", $ERROR_DESC = "The SFTP username is NULL", $SEVERITY = "10"));
                                # Set the local directory path where the data files will be stored
                                chdir ("$ENV{'BATCH_HOME'}/$hash{'DATA_FILE_APEX'}");

I know it is outrageous to ask for such a request but i would be very thankful if you can help me out....

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Old 01-28-2010
You have pasted a 100 line of code and have asked people to figure out the entire without explaining why you want to do this and where in code you are doing this.


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Old 01-28-2010
How to call a shell script from a perl module which uses Filehandle to login

Sry mate I saw some earlier posts dated back to year 2005 so i thought System("") would not work any ways thanx a lot will try it.

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