Shell programming - running the exe file and printing the output.. ?

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Shell programming - running the exe file and printing the output.. ?


i have a directory lib

in that lib directory i have 10 batch files.

step i have to do is 1) EXECUTE ALL THE FILES by using the command dwarfdump <filename>| grep DW_AT_SUN_command_line

and put the output in one text file.instead of executing the files for all the 10 files .. can i read the files in the directory lib and pass the file name and print the filename and finally the output in the text file..?

how can i do it?

Kindly help .. i am very new to unix..

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Is this homework? If not,
show us what have you tried so far.

Welcome to forums by the way Smilie
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You can tell me

1) how to read all the files in a directory

and i can put that filename into a variable and execute the command >> output.file


# 4  
try this, not efficient though

ls directory_name | while read filename
echo $filename

# 5  
ls ./logfile/lib | while read filename
echo $filename
dwarfdump $filename | grep DW_AT_SUN_command_line >> dward_output.txt

this is giving the output in dwarf_output.txt

but it is better if we have filename at the beginning of outputfile txt. before command execution.
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just change this

echo $filename

echo $filename >> outputfilename.txt

# 7  
thanks madhan..

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