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Ok, every morning at my office we send out excel sheets to Economy people with statistics for yesterdays trading.

All the trading run's in Redhat or Solaris environments.
We run a script on a Redhat server whitch generates the stats in CSV format.
After we download we open it in Excel and convert to XLS. Meaning changing from comma separated to separate columns.
Then the graphs can get appropriate data from the row's and columns and everything looks the way the Economy folk's want it.

What I want is to automate this somehow so that we don't manually need to do the conversion from CSV to XLS.
Is there any way to do this?
I cant install homemade lib's or anything not supported on production environments without going threw RFC process.

However I am able to do whatever on my local machine after I downloaded the file's. (Ubuntu desktop)

If anyone has an idea or knows of a way to solve this. Tips are welcome.

So far I have found things like this with google, but it isn't what I'm looking for.
Convert CSV to excel File

Here is a small example of how the CSV file's look like
      Average inc Pegged,   0.94       Latency 99.5th percentile, 2.19       Latency 99th percentile, 1.85       Latency 90th percentile, 1.31       Latency 50th percentile, 0.92       Min duration (ms), 0.13       Minduration at, 15:31:03       Max duration (ms), 88.43       Maxduration at, 08:02:22       Max tps, 578       Max tps at,  9:37: 4

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perl has Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module .
It produces xls files .
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or another manual way is to,

have it as CSV file
open the CSV file in excel specifying it as CSV and mention the delimiters for CSV, that should do it.

But the best way is to use CPAN module for manipulating excel sheets
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(code) (was

This and some sed scripting solved my problems.
I did a sed script to remove a space after the comma sign which made my values corrupt in the Final excel sheet.
Now I run a script from my local machine that grabs the files then sed them and then convert to xls...
Then I can email to Economy ppl Smilie

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