AWK: read values from file1; search for values in file2

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Old 12-01-2009
AWK: read values from file1; search for values in file2

I have read another post about this issue and am wondering how to adapt it
to my own, much simpler, issue.

I have a file of user IDs like so:


I need to take each number and use it to print records wherein the 5th
field matches the user ID pulled from the first file. Naively, I thought success
was a while loop away.

while read line;do awk -F'\t' '$5 ~ /line/ {print $0}' line="$line" FULL-RECORDS.txt;done < USER-ID.txt > new.txt

As you can see, the second file contains full records ( tab delimited ) for each user
like so ( sanitized for your pleasure ):
"CHUCKLES, WARREN P."   04   555 FAKE ADDRESS  (302) 555-5555 545465 120
"CORMORANT, HOPPY P."   04   565 FAKE ADDRESS  (302) 555-5555 545466 120


Thanks for reading!

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Old 12-01-2009
It doesn't look like it's the FIFTH field that you need to match - it looks like it's the THIRD field (based on your sample) - you have embedded space(s) in the first field. Try it out and adjust to your likings.
awk -F'\t' '
  FNR==NR {idsA[$1]; next}
  $3 in idsA

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Old 12-01-2009

My AWK knowledge has been raised to a new level and my problem was


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