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Old 11-23-2009
Reading a variable from parameter file

HI all,

I have a parameter file with entries like

$$Name =Abhinav
$$CUTOFF_DATE = 11/11/2209

I am reading a variable from this file using a awk command like :

var2=`awk -F"[=]" "/CUTOFF_DATE/{f=$1;}{print f;}" InputFIleName`

but facing an error like

awk: cmd. line:1: /CUTOFF_DATE/{f=;}{print f;}
awk: cmd. line:1: ^ parse error

Please help

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on changing line to

var2=`awk -F"[=]" "/CUTOFF_DATE/{print $1;}" Gdmp_Interface.prm`

i get complete line $$CUTOFF_DATE = 11/11/2209
as output
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Old 11-23-2009
wrong delimiter

hello buddy,
your delimiter should be " = " and not "=" (note the spaces)
so your one liner comes close to
var2=`awk -F"[ = ]" '/CUTOFF_DATE/{f=$1;}{print f;}' InputFIleName`
here $1=CUT_OFF_DATE
and $2=11/11/2209
assuming you want to print the value then s/$1/$2 in the above one liner
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Old 11-23-2009
shell sites

what exactly do you mean by shell sites?
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Old 11-23-2009
You have to use single quotes otherwise $1 gets interpreted by the shell. E.g.
var2="$(awk -F'[= ]*' '/CUTOFF_DATE/{print $2}' InputFIleName)"

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How about:
while IFS='= ' read var param; do
 eval ${var#\$\$}=\"$param\"

$> echo $Name
$> echo $CUTOFF_DATE

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