How to update copyright header on a folder

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Old 06-02-2009
How to update copyright header on a folder

I have multiple shell scripts in diffrent folders on server.

Most of them contain copyright information like on the third line

* Copyright 2004, 2005, My Inc. All rights reserved.

I need to change these headers to

* Copyright 2003, 2009, My Inc. All rights reserved.

Most importantly any combination of year 2000 needs to be coverted to 2003, 2009. Is it possible to do this with awk?

Thanks !
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Old 06-03-2009
With sed you can do something like:

sed '/Copyright  2004, 2005,/Copyright  2003, 2009,/g' file > newfile

With awk:

awk '/Copyright  2004, 2005,/{sub("2004, 2005","2003, 2009")}1' file > newfile

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Old 06-03-2009
awk 'NR==3{$4="2003,";$5="2009,";} {print}' input_file > output_file

use a loop to do the same for all files.
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