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track the errors in log file

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Old 05-21-2009
Question track the errors in log file

OS: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

To track the errors in log file, If they exits users will be notify by email.

We have a script below:
http:// ! -f PATH/alert.last  && touch PATH/alert.last
egrep $SrchKey $LogFile > PATH/
if http:// -s PATH/  ;then
diff PATH/ PATH/alert.last > PATH/alert.msg
cp PATH/ PATH/alert.last
http:// -s PATH/alert.msg  &&
mailx -v -s "$SrchKey Alert" $MailTo < PATH/alert.msg
echo "Nothing to report, sir." | mailx -s "No Alert Today" ${MailTo}


Received email
Subject:SRVE0242I: Alert

Message: "1d0
< Binary file /PATH/log/SystemOut.log matches"

1) We have multiple error messages,
how to add more messages in the script?

2) If one of the message does not exits we should receive message for other existing error code or messages.


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Old 05-22-2009
Any feedback will be appreciated
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Old 05-23-2009
You will need to define the serach parameters/error code and repeat the same you already have. Try using the extended RE.


egrep "one|two|three" filename > msg

[ will grep for the strings one or two or three etc]
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Old 06-02-2009
so code will be as below:

SrchKey="SRVE0242I:| error| hang"
http:// ! -f PATH/alert.last && touch PATH/alert.last
egrep $SrchKey $LogFile > PATH/
if http:// -s PATH/ ;then
diff PATH/ PATH/alert.last > PATH/alert.msg
cp PATH/ PATH/alert.last
http:// -s PATH/alert.msg &&
mailx -v -s "$SrchKey Alert" $MailTo < PATH/alert.msg
echo "Nothing to report, sir." | mailx -s "No Alert Today" ${MailTo}

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