multiline pattern matching

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multiline pattern matching

I have a file of the following from:

now I want have the gdpcapit value next to the country when there is one like this:

Afghanistan 800
Albania 6000

How do I do this? I've been searching for this all day...

On the machine i'm working on there is no grep that supports -B or -A... there should be a gawk or gsed though

thanks in advance
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I have 'outflanked' the problem but I'd still like to know whether there's a solution for this?
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if you have Python, here's an alternative solution
data=[i.strip() for i in data]
for n,line in enumerate(data):
    if line.startswith("gdpcapit"):        
        for i in data[o:n]:
            print "%s %d"%(i,int(number))
        print line

# ./
Afghanistan 800
Akrotiri 6000
Albania 6000

# 4  
if your file is in small size, below perl code should work for you.

if it is a huge size file, may need to resort to other solutionSmilie
my @tmp=<DATA>;
map {s/\n//} @tmp;
my @arr=reverse @tmp;
for (my $i=1;$i<=$#arr;$i++){
	if($arr[$i-1] =~ /gdpcapit\|/ && $arr[$i] !~ /\|/){
		my @t=split("[|]",$arr[$i-1]);
		$arr[$i].=" ".$t[1]
map {print $_,"\n"} reverse @arr;

# 5  
thanks for the replies. Pyhton / perl were not allowed though.

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