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FTPing files from unix server to windows server

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Old 04-28-2009
FTPing files from unix server to windows server


Below is the script which ftps the file from unix server and putting in a different directory(but on unix server)

How can i ftp the files from unix server and to place in a secure location on windows server? what changes needs to be done to the below script?

How can this be achieved?

Can anyone throw light in this regard?

Problem Summary: Ftping the files from unix server and placing on windows server.

#Usage example: ftpscript readme.txt /pub/dir1/readme.txt
echo "$(date "+%H:%M:%S") - Attempt to FTP $localFile to $remoteFile" > $ftplog
# do the FTP put
cd $localFile
ftp -i -n <<EOF >> $ftplog
user matadmin matadmin
cd $remoteFile
put check_file.txt

Thanks in advance.

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Old 04-28-2009
Originally Posted by venkatesht
[...]to place in a secure location on windows server[...]
Nice oxymoron Smilie

Did you search the forums already? I'm sure there have already been threads on how to FTP to Windows (have FTP server running, ...)

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