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making a list matching certain criteria in bash...

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Old 04-28-2009
making a list matching certain criteria in bash...

Hello everyone!I am trying to make a mail list(a simple .txt file)in which i put certain records that match specific criteria.
Let's say that i have a(sorted by last column file)like this one:

0100567 Bla1 Lala1 100
1234567 Bla2 Lala2 80
8769029 Bla3 Lala3 70
1001007 Bla4 Lala4 10

What i need to do is to redirect the whole first line in the mail list file.If I had another record with '100' in the 4th column,that should enter the mail list too...So you understand that records that enter that mail list are only those who have the highest number in the 4th column(not every time '100',only in this example).
There is no way(and no need) to know the numbers in that last column,the only thing i know is that they are sorted from high to low.

//Nevermind solved it

//if anyone answers this,please tell me how i can send mail from that list...

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APT-CUDF.CONF(5)						    DOSE Tools							  APT-CUDF.CONF(5)

apt-cudf.conf - Configuration file for apt-cudf DESCRIPTION
The configuration file allows one to define default optimization criterias for all solvers known by apt-cudf SYNTAX
solver: <solver list> | '*' A comma-separated list of solvers. The character will make the optimization criteria as default for all solvers without a more specific definition. upgrade: <optimization criteria> dist-upgrade: <optimization criteria> install: <optimization criteria> remove: <optimization criteria> Default optimization criteria associated to apt-get actions. The optimization criteria is solver specific. Specifying a incorrect criteria will result in an error from the underlying cudf solver. Please refere to the solver man page for the correct syntax trendy: <optimization criteria> paranoid: <optimization criteria> <keyword>: <optimization criteria> Define a shortcut for an optimization criteria. The shortcut can then be used by apt-get to pass a specific optimization criteria for a cudf solver apt-get install gnome --solver aspcud -o "APT::Solver::aspcud::Preferences=trendy" EXAMPLE
solver: mccs-cbc , mccs-lpsolve upgrade: -lex[-new,-removed,-notuptodate] dist-upgrade: -lex[-notuptodate,-new] install: -lex[-removed,-changed] remove: -lex[-removed,-changed] trendy: -lex[-removed,-notuptodate,-unsat_recommends,-new] paranoid: -lex[-removed,-changed] solver: * upgrade: -new,-removed,-notuptodate dist-upgrade: -notuptodate,-new install: -removed,-changed remove: -removed,-changed trendy: -removed,-notuptodate,-unsat_recommends,-new paranoid: -removed,-changed SEE ALSO
apt-cudf(8), apt-get(8), update-cudf-solvers(8), README.cudf-solvers <file:///usr/share/doc/apt-cudf/README.cudf-solvers>, README.Debian <file:///usr/share/doc/apt-cudf/README.Debian> AUTHOR
Copyright: (C) 2011 Pietro Abate <> Copyright: (C) 2011 Stefano Zacchiroli <> License: GNU Lesser General Public License (GPL), version 3 or above dose3 3.0.2 2012-06-25 APT-CUDF.CONF(5)

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