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detect F5 is pressed

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Old 04-20-2009
detect F5 is pressed

Hello friends,

I want to write a shell script in bash shell .
Working for the script is to detect any key pressed and disply on screen as
"you have pressed: "

For example if user pressed F5 then a messaged has to be displayed as
"you have pressed F5.

Thank you.
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Old 04-20-2009
  local kp
  read -d '' -sn1 _KEY
  case $_KEY in
        while read -d '' -sn1 -t1 kp
          case $kp in
            [a-zA-NP-Z~]) break;;
  printf -v "${1:-_KEY}" "%s" "$_KEY"

_key x

case $x in
  $'\e[15~') echo You have pressed F5 ;;

This User Gave Thanks to cfajohnson For This Post:
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Old 04-21-2009
Thanks cfajohnson,

it worked well.
But F5 was an example .
what if we press any alphabet any number and so one.

hope you have understood what is my requirement.

anyways thank you once again for replying me back.
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Old 04-21-2009
case $x in
  $'\e[11~' | $'\e[OP') key=F1 ;;
  $'\e[12~' | $'\e[OQ') key=F2 ;;
  $'\e[13~' | $'\e[OR') key=F3 ;;
  $'\e[14~' | $'\e[OS') key=F4 ;;
  $'\e[15~') key=F5 ;;
  $'\e[16~') key=F6 ;;
  $'\e[17~') key=F7 ;;
  $'\e[18~') key=F8 ;;
  $'\e[19~') key=F9 ;;
  $'\e[20~') key=F10 ;;
  $'\e[21~') key=F11 ;;
  $'\e[22~') key=F12 ;;
  $'\e[A' ) key=UP ;;
  $'\e[B' ) key=DOWN ;;
  $'\e[C' ) key=RIGHT ;;
  $'\e[D' ) key=LEFT ;;
  ?) key=$x ;;
  *) key=??? ;;

echo "You have pressed $key"

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Old 04-21-2009
thanks it worked perfectly fine.

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