Unix / Linux Dialog Utility - how to open 2+ more dialog windows ?

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Old 03-28-2009
Unix / Linux Dialog Utility - how to open 2+ more dialog windows ?


example of Unix / Linux dialog utility is below.
I am going to use dialog as simple GUI for testing of a modem.
So I need to combine some dialog boxes into one.

I need to have input box, output box, info box, dialog box,
radiobox as in any standard program with graphical user interface.

I really love Unix - Linux dialog utility
as it resembles me OCX objects in Visual Basic, I learned to use
in simple programs I wrote.

Please tell me if dialog utility is the only GUI for Unix / Linux
to run, test shell scripts .
Another graphical interface comes with Gnuplot, I have already tested.
Unfortunately Gnuplot comes as output only.

So it would be nice to combine Gnuplot output graphics with
dialog utility interaction in one terminal window.
So please just tell me what can be done with Uniux / Linux dialog utility
as the most sophisticated GUI interface .

I get more Unix Linux dialog utility examples from the net,
but what I am really looking for, is still your advice.

Unfortunately, my search for dialog utility at this forum
generated few results.




$DIALOG --title " My first dialog" --clear \
--yesno "Hello , this is my first dialog program" 10 30

case $? in
echo "Yes chosen.";;
echo "No chosen.";;
echo "ESC pressed.";;
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Old 03-29-2009
Another common dialog box utility is whiptail.
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Old 03-29-2009
Originally Posted by fpmurphy
Another common dialog box utility is whiptail.
More examples from the net come for Unix Linux dialog utility.

This is an article in Linux Journal about dialog. whiptail is practically the same, but smaller.

I need to modify dialog code and add more features, more objects.
Do you have any experience with dialog ?

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