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Old 03-20-2009
Error Capturing Particular Data

Hi everyone!

Can any one help me out regarding capturing relevant data from a file.

For e.g, if i want to capture the comment written after "Prompt:" for a particular date, like for this case what would be the command to capture the tag written after "Prompt:" for Date: 2009-03-20.

A brief intro is for your reference:

Actually i want to capture number of Prompt with their tags for one particular day using script, if any one can help me out in letting me know the command i can use that in my script later.

This script will run on daily basis and will capture the tags written after "Prompt:" for one particular date.

=============Date: 2009-03-18=============
[01:48:01][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Reading scu system config file successfully.
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: NrOfRCOMM 34-->35 of Item[RCOMM] in scusys.cfg changed.
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Item[RCOMM] of scusys.cfg changed, Added as follow:
RCOMM_FE_ID[34] = 65
RCOMM_Version[34] = 1
RCOMM_OperationID[34] = 1120
RCOMM_UniqueOperationID[34] = 1120
RCOMM_ServiceKey[34] = 1001
RCOMM_ControlFlag[34] = 0
RCOMM_ExecuteFE[34] = 0
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Refresh AS config file over, number of success: 2, number of failure: 0.
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Detect a connection request from SAU(ip=
[01:48:08][DS1] Prompt: Detect a connection request from No.0 memory board.
[05:29:13][DS1] Prompt: Refresh AS config file over.
=============Date: 2009-03-19=============
[02:20:02][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
[05:00:03][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
=============Date: 2009-03-20=============
[02:20:02][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
[05:00:04][DS1] Prompt: Local network interface[] is opened.
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Old 03-20-2009
You can use sed to do that it will start looking at lines starting with "<beginingOfLine>=<anyNumberOfTimes>Date: <date>" until it reaches another line begining with =<anyNumberOfTimes>, then remove all the text up to and including the word "Prompt:"
sed -n -e '/^=*Date: 2009-03-18/,/^=*/s/^.* Prompt: //p' inputFile

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Old 03-20-2009
Thanks ldapswandog,

Things started to workout, but the output is as follows by using your command;

Local network interface[] is opened. (i.e. the starting line for that date)

and if i change ur command to :

sed -e '/^=*Date: 2009-03-18/,/^=*/s/^.* Prompt: //p' inputFile

then the oputput is same as input file

please guide.
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Old 03-20-2009
Try awk:
awk -F:\  'f && /Prompt/{print $2}/=$/{f=((/2009-03-20/)?1:0)}' log

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Old 03-21-2009
Sorry about that you need to add an '=' sign to each of the wildcard searches so it consistently captures lines with 2 or more in a row.
sed -n -e '/^==*Date: 2009-03-18/,/^==*/s/^.* Prompt: //p' inputFile

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Old 03-21-2009
thnks a million for this

it really worked

also please help me from this prespective that

now by running the mentioned commnad the output is without time, how can i get the time.
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Old 03-22-2009
Start the substitute at [DS1]
sed -n -e '/^==*Date: 2009-03-18/,/^==*/s/\[DS1\].* Prompt: / /p' inputFile

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