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Random Numbers - Perl

Hi Guys I have a script to find Ranomd numbers. But I want to make the file to produce more random. Could u guys help me plz.
In this Script I have the code that generates random in for loop and the range I have specified in my %chromlength
input and out put will be like this
chrno start end
chr1 1234 9980


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Excuse me if I might sound thick, but what exactly do you want to do with that script? I tried it and, some "uninitialized value" warnings aside, nothing happened. The output file wasn't much different than the input file and certainly didn't contain any random numbers.
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might help to see some of what the input file looks like. I have a feeling this line is wrong:

if ($chrom[$i] =~ /chrd+/) {

unless you really are looking for "chr" followed by one or more "d". Probably should be:

if ($chrom[$i] =~ /chr\d+/) {

in which case its searching for "chr" followed by one or more digits.

Use the perl highlighter to post perl code. The php highlighter will mangle some perl code.

Besides that, I also don't understand what you are wanting to do.
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Original Poster is a sockpuppet of one who evaded a ban.
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