Search a pattern in a file with contents in a single line

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Old 03-17-2009
Search a pattern in a file with contents in a single line

Hi all

I am searching for a pattern in a file .
The file content is in a single line.If am doing a grep or sed for the a particular pattern am getting whole file.
I want the result in different lines.
attaching the file for reference
search pattern "/xxxxxx/hhhh/tttttttt/sss/" and "/aaaa/bbbbbbbb/dddd_ddddd/ggg/ccccccccccccc/mmmm/eeeeee/iiiii"

Please help me in this.
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Old 03-17-2009
i am not able to find the attached file
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Old 03-17-2009
check if the -o option of grep is what you are looking for. from the manuals:
       -o, --only-matching
              Show only the part of a matching line that matches PATTERN.

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Old 03-17-2009
sorry!! forgot to attach the file
it here....
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Old 03-17-2009
if the whole file is one continuous line then grep will not help you, as it is line oriented (and so is sed). You could write a sed expression to only output the matched text using back references, but as your search expression contains only constants, what would be the point?
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