SCO 5.0.7 driver for HP SmartArray P410i Controller on Proliant DL380 G7?

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Operating Systems SCO SCO 5.0.7 driver for HP SmartArray P410i Controller on Proliant DL380 G7?
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Old 07-27-2019
@RudiC........In this case, SCO is installed by booting from DVD/CD but then reading boot-time disk drivers from a floppy during the process. So it isn't the case that we need the floppy USB stick bootable. Just a USB stick to be recognised as a pseudo floppy during the installation after booting from DVD/CD. Incidentally, generally if I need to create a bootable floppy (I'm really lazy!!!) I use a free downloadable Windows based package called Rufus and it does all the work. It will convert an ISO into a bootable USB stick. Well worth checking it out.
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Old 07-27-2019
I thought I had posted this about an hour ago, but...
Copy and run Floppy Boot Disks from USB - gHacks Tech News
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Old 07-27-2019
@jgt........They look like two really useful pieces of software. I will be checking them out. Thanks. Like the archaeologist said, "I didn't find it because I wasn't looking for it", however, now I've found it, it'll be in my toolkit.
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Old 07-27-2019
JGT, hicksd8, RudiC, many thanks. I've managed to get a usb floppy regognised by the system already (attach with a floppy disc in the drive at boot time) and to download the wd v 3 BTLD for the CD ROM so that's not a problem.

JGT could you post a link to the HP EFS package? I've located a friend with a linux box that could do the trick.

Again, many thanks.
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Old 07-27-2019

Although, i am unable to connect to it right now, might be down for maintenance. I have attached the file to this post
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Old 07-30-2019
Hi Everyone. First of all many thanks for your contributions in trying to resolve my problem.

Second, it would appear that there's no resolution. There doesn't appear to be a SCO driver for the the P410i in the G7. I tried hpsas (thanks jgt) without success.

Some points for anyone else trying to load SCO on a server without a floppy drive but with a SATA CD ROM.

1) The USB floppy must be attached to the server with a disc loaded when the server is booted or the floppy disc won't be read properly.

2) Similarly the usb CD ROM must be attached at boot time. Swap the CD from the SATA drive to the usb drive after boot but before the installation starts.

2a) Alternatively load BTLD wd (version 3) during the process. The SATA drive will then be recognised and installation will proceed from it if you select IDE CD ROM.

Thanks again, everyone.
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