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SLD: Failed to start the PMD Connection thread. (PM_THREAD_FAILED_TO_START).

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Operating Systems SCO SLD: Failed to start the PMD Connection thread. (PM_THREAD_FAILED_TO_START).
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SLD: Failed to start the PMD Connection thread. (PM_THREAD_FAILED_TO_START).


I have a client with an 18 year old SCO Openserver 5.0.5 server.

They can't find their installation media.

They are experiencing an error at login:
*LOGIN: ERROR- Failed to initialize policy manager. (IFOR_PM_FATAL)
The status from the policy manager daemon (PMD - /etc/ifor_pmd) indicates
that a serious error condition has occurred. Login is allowed, but the
system administrator is strongly advised to consult the SCO online Support
Solutions Library (SSL) for assistance; if the SSL is inaccessible,
please contact your SCO Support representative.

Some research on this error indicates an issue with the PMD daemon.

Running a 'ps -ef' shows that the daemon is not running. I tried to start it via a '/etc/ifor_pmd' command and the following message is given:
SLD: Failed to start the PMD Connection thread. (PM_THREAD_FAILED_TO_START).

I'm not sure where to go on this to further debug and/or resolve.

Can anyone in this forum give me some direction.


Bryan Hunt
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Yes, I used that document once in the past to resolve this issue for them. In that case it was the broken/missing link. That is not the case this time.

As I started on step 2, I saw that the daemon wasn't running. That's when I tried to start it manually and got the message:
SLD: Failed to start the PMD Connection thread. (PM_THREAD_FAILED_TO_START).

The message is not desctiptive about *why* the thread failed to start, so I thought I had better reach out and see if anyone could assist with where to check for log files that may indicate the cause of the failure before trying anything else.


Bryan Hunt
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Could be simply that the CMOS clock has died, and the date is now earlier than the installation date.
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Thanks for the reply.

No, checked the clock and it is correct.

Bryan Hunt
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Do you have the serial number and activation key? I have the media.
Error messages should be in /usr/adm/messages, although if there are any they will probably be just as cryptic.
You could also try "authck -a" in single user mode.
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Can you launch it in truss/tusc/strace so you can see what it is up to as it tries to start?

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