Telnet connection to Sco Unixware from Windows 2000 taking longer !!!

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Operating Systems SCO Telnet connection to Sco Unixware from Windows 2000 taking longer !!!
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Old 02-21-2004
Telnet connection to Sco Unixware from Windows 2000 taking longer !!!

Telnet connection to SCO Unixware server taking longer to
return the Login prompt !!!

Thanx in advance for any suggestions or help in this regard .

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Old 02-21-2004

do you have this behaviour only on SCO Unixware ? Do you have any logs about it ?

Check your network !

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Old 02-21-2004
Telnet connection taking longer now !!!

There are two Sco Unixware servers and five Sun Solaris ones on that particular network .The problem is with the SCO ones and two of the SUN servesr .

I have done tracert <IP Address of the SCO Server> from the source , i.e. Windoes 2000 and the hop is within 10 - 20 ms and the Network administrator say's OK .

Which logs do I need to investigate now !!!

Thanx for help .

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Old 02-21-2004

check the default syslogs if you see some strange messages of the telnet deamon.

Try telnet to localhost on the systems, to see if it only happens remotly, try a different system instead your win box to check if the problem is caused by this box.

We had a similar problem, the problem was a misconfiguration in our static arp config.

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Old 02-21-2004

It was really nice to hear from you .

There is no entries in syslog in /var/adm directory and the size is zero bytes .

When trying telnet from local system , it is OK .

When trying from other than Windows box , it is still taking longer .

It was working all fine but for the last two days ........ does telnet
reads some log files during startup which might increased in size now ..... I doubt that !!!!

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Old 02-21-2004
On the sco box or one of the sun boxes that exhibit slowness, try to look up the ip address of the W2K box.


or whatever. You want a quick response of
or whatever you use.

telnetd does this operation to find the hostname of the originating connection. If this doesn't work quickly, you have a dns problem.
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Old 02-23-2004
Thanx Perderabo . Nice to hear from you .

I think something is wrong with the DNS configuration .
When I added the IP of the source (Win 2k workstation) in the
/etc/inet/hosts of the Sun Server , the telnet problem got
resolved. Then we added the entry of this Sun Server in our
DNS server .

But still, the telnet problem persists for all other sources except
this Win 2k whose entry is there in the hosts file of the Sun server .

I need to access this server from anywhere and
will surely not req to add the IP of all the workstations in the server !!!

I am sure we are very close to the resolution and definate
to be there soon !!

Thanx for any help hereafter .
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