SCO 5.0.7 no root disk controller found error during install

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Operating Systems SCO SCO 5.0.7 no root disk controller found error during install
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Old 01-22-2010
Question SCO 5.0.7 no root disk controller found error during install

I'm "attempting" to install SCO 5.0.7 on an HP ML370 G4 server and am ready to bash the keyboard with head now. I keep getting the error message "WARNING hd: no root disk controller found" when running the bootable install cd.
I have a raid 5 array with an online spare created using 4 36.3 GB drives on an HP 6400 smart array controller using smart start 7.1 and 1 logical drive configured on said array and a tape drive on the array controler as well. The onboard raid controllers have been disabled in the bios and nothing is attached to them. On bootup you can see the controlled being initialized and the drives in the array spinning up and it recognizes the logical drive.
I've tried using several variations on the defbootstr but still nothing seems to work so now i'm a bit stuck. Below is what I thought was the proper loader

defbootstr link=ciss hd=Sdsk Sdsk=ciss Srom=wd(0,0,0,0)

but alas, no luck so far. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Old 01-22-2010
Go here SCO Knowledge Center and search for ML370 and select Openserver 5.
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Old 01-22-2010
giving it a go now, thanks for the link.
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