Redhat Offline enviroment with satellite and sync host

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Redhat Offline enviroment with satellite and sync host
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Redhat Offline enviroment with satellite and sync host


we got a high security network which is completely offline.
We want to use a Sync Host like described here in the Redhat documentation for Sattelite 6.

I have the following Questions:
- We need the complete Repository not only the main one how much space we need for this ?
- Can we use a nas on the sync host and take the complete nas to our offline site and attach it with NFS to our satellite (so we dont have to export and import the data ) ?
- the offline clients that connect to the offline satellite can use all packages and discover dependencies automatically ?
- Which licenses we need ? My suggest is 1 Sattelite License 1 Enterprise license for the sync hsot and then 1 Enterprise license for every offline client we will connect to the sattelite.

I hope someone can help me.

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Please provide a link to the RedHat docs you are referencing by pasting (or typing) the link in a post (your reply) and wrapping your link in code tags, like so:

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Hello Neo,

here is the link to the documentation:


They are doing nearly what I want but I want to use a portable NAS to transfer the repository to the offline enviroment. They export the repositorys in the guide and then import it this is not needed when I take the whole repository on the NAS.
The question is will the sattelite read the NAS repository without any problems when I dont use the export/import function..

Greetings Izual
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