Nohup with ampersand & process gets disconnected

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Portability: /bin/sh is present on every *X OS. (Well, SCO Unix and an old HP-UX might need the workaround ${1+"$@"} for a historic bug with "$@".)
It works with any compatible shell, too.
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Originally Posted by gandolf989
Cool script. I will have to test it and see how it works. Did you use the Bourne shell for a particular reason?
Why not use the Bash shell? Thanks
This script doesn't actually need bash, so it's better to use the more portable /bin/sh. It can be carried to AIX or whatever without compatibility worries.
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Unfortunately, for backwards compatibility reasons /bin/sh on Solaris systems (at least up until Solaris 11) is a pure 1980's Bourne shell. To get a POSIX conforming shell on Solaris systems, their man pages, indirectly, say to use /usr/xpg4/bin/sh.
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