"/usr/sbin/hpacucli ctrl all show" command does not work

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat "/usr/sbin/hpacucli ctrl all show" command does not work
# 1  
"/usr/sbin/hpacucli ctrl all show" command does not work

Dear Concern,

We have observed that following command stuck/does not work in some RedHat nodes. Please advise us to troubleshoot the issue.

/usr/sbin/hpacucli ctrl all show

Note: HP Array Configuration Utility CLI for Linux 64-bit

With Best Regards,
Md. Abdullah-Al Kauser
# 2  
Maybe you should update driver and firmware.
The hpacucli was replaced by hpssacli.
The latest HP-SSA firmware for G6/G7 hardware is 6.64 (I think); get your current version with
(hpacucli ctrl slot=0 show || hpssacli ctrl slot=0 show) | grep Firmware

Get your hardware model with
dmidecode -t system | awk -F: '$1~/Product Name/'

# 3  
also the new hp commands are source via repo e.egthe MCP pack fomr some distro are here. HP Software Delivery Repository
# 4  
Dear concern,

Please find the hardware model below.

[root@tabsdb03-hb ~]# dmidecode -t system | awk -F: '$1~/Product Name/'
        Product Name: ProLiant BL680c G7
[root@bltabscc02 ~]# dmidecode -t system | awk -F: '$1~/Product Name/'
        Product Name: ProLiant BL460c Gen8

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