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How to determine share name of Linux server?

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat How to determine share name of Linux server?
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How to determine share name of Linux server?


How to determine share name of Linux server ?

OS version is RHL 6.5

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Do you mean samba share? if yes, try \\linux-ip-address from one of the windows boxes
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Three choices:-
  • Do you mean NFS share to another unix server? You can browse /etc/exports to see what you are sharing. A mount statement on the client would be something like:-
    mount -t nfs hostname:/shared/directory /local/mountpoint

  • Do you mean a Samba share to mount with a Windows client?
    If you fire up a browser like this, then you may get a management GUI where you can explore:-

    You will need to put in the root password.

    CAUTION - you will be able to edit the configuration very easily, so mistakes are easy.
    The configuration file is likely to be similar to /opt/freeware/samba/version/etc/smb.conf
    Find it and copy it away securely before you start.
  • Not sure what else you might mean.
Do any of these help? If it's the 3rd option, can you explain a little more of what you are trying to achieve please.

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Hi Robin,

Actually we wanted to create a separate NFS mount point of size 200 GB in a server .
So we requested storage team to create it. but they ask us to provide the share name for server and
one of my team mate has provided that.dont know how he given that share name.

So thought of asking something about it.

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I think they're just asking you, "What do you want this brand-new share to be called?" Since it doesn't exist yet, there's not a lot to be found...
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<What do you want this brand-new share to be called>
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I think that I understand the question now.............

You have remote storage available via NFS. Your team mate gave the storage team a name for the NFS handle but you don't know what he said.

Answer: To display the NFS handles offered by a remote node

# showmount <ip address of node>

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