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Partitioning newly added disk to Redhat

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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Partitioning newly added disk to Redhat
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Partitioning newly added disk to Redhat

Hi Everyone,

I have added new Virtual disk to OS. The main point is I need to bring this whole Disk into LVM control, is it necessary to partition the disk using fdisk command and assign partition type as '8e', or can I directly add that disk into LVM, by running pvcreate command with out creating partition on the disk.

which is the best suggested way of doing this task.

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You can assign the whole disk, but some people suggest you instead create a partition.
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Well, Red Hat strongly suggests not to use whole disks as PVs.

Using whole disks increases the risk of an external application overwriting the data under some rare circumstances.

Here's an example of this bug:

Even though most of those problems have already been patched and fixed in latest RHEL releases, Red Hat still discourages that practice for production/critical systems.

Using partitions of type 8e is the preferred method.
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