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checking the heartbeat of the online user

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Old 10-11-2002
Question checking the heartbeat of the online user

Can anyone please tell me how can i check the availability of the online user in a client-server environtment.
This is for a program where lakhs of client are connected to the server and the server has to check the availability of the every client in every minute.
So polling every client is not a good option.
Can anyone help me for the solution.

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ggz-wrapper(6)							  GGZ Gaming Zone						    ggz-wrapper(6)

ggz-wrapper - GGZ Gaming Zone command line core client SYNOPSIS
ggz-wrapper [--gametype GAMENAME] [--user NAME] [--destnick NAME] [OPTION...] DESCRIPTION
The GGZ Gaming Zone allows people to play many games online using so-called GGZ core clients which are chat clients with integrated game launchers. The ggz-wrapper tool is a small special GGZ core client for the command line. It does not support chat or display of rooms, tables and players, but instead is useful for fast launching of online games. Therefore, its main purpose is to be invoked from instant messengers such as gaim or kopete. It currently supports all two-player games, as human against human or human against bot. If no options are given, ggz-wrapper will invoke a Tic-Tac-Toe game client on the default GGZ server,, logging in as guest user. OPTIONS
--gametype=GAMENAME The name of the game to play, e.g. TicTacToe or Chess. This option expects a case-sensitive argument which must match one of the available game modules in ggz.modules. If the game type is not supported by the specified GGZ server, the invocation will fail. --user=NAME The name of the player who is running the client. The default is to run with an automatically generated guest user name. In order to use a registered name, the option --password is implied. --destnick=NAME The name of the other player. If omitted or empty, the player running the client will launch the table (game host). If empty, other player will be the bot. If not empty, player will join the table which the other player already launched. --password=PASSWORD Password to use in case of playing as a registered user. Note that on a multi-user systems, other users might see the password, which is a security risk. --server=SERVER The server to play on. If not specified, the default server is ggz:// --port=PORT The port to use to connect to the GGZ server. PORT is almost always 5688, so this option is rarely needed. AUTHORS
The GGZ Development Team <> SEE ALSO
ggz.modules(5), ggz(7) The GGZ Development Team 0.0.14 ggz-wrapper(6)

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