How to call a variable in awk again ?

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How to call a variable in awk again ?

Hi again and thanks to R.Singh.

One more question here.

The code works in awk. (or GAWK)

awk 'BEGIN{print "Enter your Name: ";getline name < "-";print RS "Input entered by user is: "name}'

How to display the variable name again ?

The awk script is running automaticly to the end.

I have tied :
echo  $name
                     awk ' {print "name"} '

Seems that the variable is gone from the memory.

DURING a program execution they stay. However.

But how to hold the program in interpreted modus ?

awk is interpreted i think . anyway it ends the script automaticly in the CMD terminal from Linux.

Any suggestions or ideas about that ?


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Hello Zabo,

Not sure why there is a necessity for using awk? You could use shell's built-in command called read to take Input from user, following is an example for same too.
cat script.ksh 
echo "enter a variable please:"
read variable
echo "I am printing variable here......."
echo $variable

So while running the above script following output will come.
enter a variable please:
R. Singh
I am printing variable here.......
R. Singh

I hope this helps you, kindly do let me know if you have any queries on same.

R. Singh
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code tags for code, please.

awk is awk, shell is shell. If you don't output the value in awk, it won't get put out.

VAR=$(awk '{ ... }' )

For interactive programs, you should be printing prompts and such to > "/dev/stderr", so they won't end up in VAR.

Or you could write the whole program in awk, or at least do a large amount of processing in awk, so there's less need for transfer.
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You cannot grab the output of an awk system() call, you can only get the exit status. Use the getline/pipe or getline/variable/pipe constructs

awk '{
    cmd = "your_command " $1
    while (cmd | getline line) {
}' file

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Ethan Stark

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