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Old 08-06-2004
errno pb


I need to make a lib with pthread, when I run my make file all is good. But when I run my test program, I test errno in the begining and is already set to 251. Is it normal ??? What can I modify in my Makefile to have errno set to 0 ???


gcc -D_REENTRANT -shared -fpic -lpthread gas_configuration.c gas_acquisition.c -o
gcc -L. -lgas_fifos testComm.c -o test
errno : 251
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Old 08-06-2004
I need to test errno to know if my recvfrom return EAGAIN.

my code :
retour = recvfrom(t_sockets[indice].socket, payload, FRAME_LENGTH, O_NONBLOCK, &t_sockets[indice].sin_remote, &size_addr);
if(retour >= 0)
     printf("errno %d\n", errno);
     if(errno != EAGAIN)
          perror("Error in recvfrom");

Error in recvfrom: Resource temporarily unavailable
How can I correct the problem ??

Thanks for your help.
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Old 08-06-2004
Originally posted by Driver

Are you absolutely sure the code you posted matches the code you are using? Because the error message indicates that errno compares uneven to EAGAIN even though it IS EAGAIN.

What does printf("%d\n", EAGAIN); tell you?

What happens if you omit the printf() and have the if-test execute immediately afterwards?
Error in recvfrom: Resource temporarily unavailable
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Old 08-06-2004
I have resolved my problem. I use Multi-threaded and I have gorget the option with gcc :

Thankes for your help
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