Error with socket operation on non-socket

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Old 04-02-2010
Error with socket operation on non-socket

Dear Experts,

i am compiling my code in suse 4.1 which is compiling fine,

but at runtime it is showing me for socket programming error no 88

as i searched in errno.h it is telling me socket operation on non socket,

what is the meaning of this , how to deal with this error , please inform what causes this error to occur

thanks in advance.

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Old 04-02-2010
Could you rework your post? Because the first official SuSE release was 4.2 in 1996, and I can't imagine you're still using that.
Did you check your code? Did you include debug statements? Maybe add a few perror(3) calls at critical points?

Fact is: without knowing your code, and accurate error and environment descriptions, we won't be able to help you beyond wild guesses.
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