Similar functions in unix

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Similar functions in unix


I am windows programer. I have very basic knowledge of Unix OS.

I have written an application in Windows which consists of Win32 API namely WideCharToMultiByte(..) and MultiByteToWideChar(..).
I am interested to deploy my application in unix platform henceforth I need to know IS there any functions of unix supported libraries consisting of similar to WideCharToMultiByte(..) and MultiByteToWideChar(..). which can run on unix.

Could you Please let me know the similar functions of above mentioned functions?

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Try functions like 'mbtowc' that are C99 conformant or 'iconv' (POSIX).
Former need correct setting of LC_CTYPE, latter also needs to specify conversion details.

In my case, when I obtained working code with them, I decided to write
my own code for wchar_t / UTF-8 conversion.
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