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Well guys, testing this project gets harder by the distance in upload periods.
(You could say AudioScope fatigue is setting in.)

Well on testing on numerous Linux flavours there are many that use terminal windows of varying sizes that CANNOT be adjusted using the terminal escape code so this is an update to check if the terminal in use CAN be adjusted and if not it immediately crashes out with the error report below; nothing is written to the storage media at this pont.
Your Prompt> ./<CR>

 A terminal window size of 80 columns x 24 lines IS required
 for this program to work!

 This terminal will not auto-resize using the escape codes.

 You will have to manually resize the terminal to EXACTLY
 80 columns x 24 lines and restart again.

 Aborting program...

Your Prompt> _

As you can see I have deliberately specified the size now to keep the aesthetics of the project right and in doing so will crash out if 80 columns by 24 lines is not detected.

Stats so far:-

# Total Lines=5187.
# Blank Lines=45.
# Code Lines=2375.
# Comments=2767, (including the builtin Manual).
# Filesize=223361 bytes.

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Project(3PERL)						      Perl Library Functions						    Project(3PERL)

Project - Perl interface to Projects SYNOPSIS
use Sun::Solaris::Project qw(:ALL); my $projid = getprojid(); DESCRIPTION
This module provides wrappers for the Project-related system calls and the libproject(3LIB) library. Also provided are constants from the various Project-related headers. Constants MAXPROJID, PROJNAME_MAX, PROJF_PATH, PROJECT_BUFSZ, SETPROJ_ERR_TASK, and SETPROJ_ERR_POOL. Functions getprojid() This function returns the numeric project ID of the calling process or undef if the underlying getprojid(2) system call is unsuccess- ful. setproject($project, $user, $flags) If $user is a member of the project specified by $project, setproject() creates a new task and associates the appropriate resource con- trols with the process, task, and project. This function returns 0 on success. If the underlying task creation fails, SETPROJ_ERR_TASK is returned. If pool assignment fails, SETPROJ_ERR_POOL is returned. If any resource attribute assignments fail, an integer value cor- responding to the offset of the failed attribute assignment in the project database is returned. See setproject(3PROJECT). activeprojects() This function returns a list of the currently active projects on the system. Each value in the list is the numeric ID of a currently active project. getprojent() This function returns the next entry from the project database. When called in a scalar context, getprojent() returns only the name of the project. When called in a list context, getprojent() returns a 6-element list consisting of: ($name, $projid, $comment, @users, @groups, $attr) @users and @groups are returned as arrays containing the appropriate user or project lists. On end-of-file undef is returned. setprojent() This function rewinds the project database to the beginning of the file. endprojent() This function closes the project database. getprojbyname($name) This function searches the project database for an entry with the specified nam. It returns a 6-element list as returned by getpro- jent() if the entry is found and undef if it cannot be found. getprojbyid($id) This function searches the project database for an entry with the specified ID. It returns a 6-element list as returned by getprojent() if the entry is found or undef if it cannot be found. getdefaultproj($user) This function returns the default project entry for the specified user in the same format as getprojent(). It returns undef if the user cannot be found. See getdefaultproj(3PROJECT) for information about the lookup process. fgetprojent($filehandle) This function returns the next project entry from $filehandle, a Perl file handle that must refer to a previously opened file in project(4) format. Return values are the same as for getprojent(). inproj($user, $project) This function checks whether the specified user is able to use the project. This function returns true if the user can use the project and false otherwise. See inproj(3PROJECT). getprojidbyname($project) This function searches the project database for the specified project. It returns the project ID if the project is found and undef if it is not found. Class methods None. Object methods None. Exports By default nothing is exported from this module. The following tags can be used to selectively import constants and functions defined in this module: :SYSCALLS getprojid() :LIBCALLS setproject(), activeprojects(), getprojent(), setprojent(), endprojent(), getprojbyname(), getprojbyid(), getdefaultproj(), fgetprojent(), inproj(), and getprojidbyname() :CONSTANTS MAXPROJID, PROJNAME_MAX, PROJF_PATH, PROJECT_BUFSZ, SETPROJ_ERR_TASK, and SETPROJ_ERR_POOL :ALL :SYSCALLS, :LIBCALLS, and :CONSTANTS ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWpl5u | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
getprojid(2), getdefaultproj(3PROJECT), inproj(3PROJECT), libproject(3LIB), setproject(3PROJECT), project(4), attributes(5) SunOS 5.10 1 Dec 2002 Project(3PERL)

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