Installing Dash Shell on OS X Lion

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Installing Dash Shell on OS X Lion

For those interested in installing dash shell on OSX Lion to help test POSIX compliancy of shell scripts, it is quite easy. I did it like this:

If you don't have gcc on your system:
0. Download and install the Command Line Tools for Xcode package from *

1. Download the dash tar ball (I used the latest version 0.5.7) here: Index of /~herbert/dash/files
2. gunzip and untar the tar ball
3. cd to the dash source directory
4. ./configure
5. make
6. sudo make install
7. add /usr/local/bin/dash to /etc/shells


* See also here: Xcode, GCC, and Homebrew, alternative package with gcc for OSX Lion at Kenneth Reitz' OSX GCC Installer page

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Nice and simple, and works great, thanks!
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Installs to OSX Sierra, Version 10.12.2, mighty fine too, even with its many security locks.
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