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USB File Transfer MacOS 10.6.5 to Android 2.2?

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Operating Systems OS X (Apple) USB File Transfer MacOS 10.6.5 to Android 2.2?
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Old 05-22-2011
USB File Transfer MacOS 10.6.5 to Android 2.2?

I'm trying to get a MacBook Air (MBA) running 10.6.5 to recognize a Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2) vis the USB interface for simple file transfers back and forth. Nothing works so far. I've tried many things! Smilie

I noticed when I connect my phone to the MBA, there is a message in system.log

May 22 17:33:26 MBA pcscd[235]: Non-smartcard device launched pcscd [Vendor: 0X4E8, Product: 0X681C]
When I check for a driver for pcscd so I can get this working, I can't find one.

Any help possible on this? Anyone in the universe got MacOS to mount Android 2.2 as a mass storage device?

I have searched the net, nearly exhaustively, and so far, I can't find a workable solution; except to upgrade the phone to Android 3.0 and try the "Android File Transfer" utility.

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Old 05-23-2011
Not speaking from experience...

You might have already seen this, but I thought it looked relevant:

Good luck!
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Old 05-25-2011
Yes, I already saw that (and maybe 30 to 50 other "easily found via Google" links) .... it does not work.

I also tried posting to a Mac USB developer mailing list, but that just turned into a bunch of insults being hurled at me by childish 'developers", and nothing was accomplished.
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