Deleting from Mac on GUI?

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Deleting from Mac on GUI?

On the Mac, if you delete a file from the GUI, it actually gets moved to a .Trashes folder in your home directory. However, if you rm a file from the terminal application (command line), it is gone for good immediately like in other unix implementations.

I would like to see Apple make this functionality more uniform in that files are moved to the trash, kind of like the Tru64 capabilities. You know what? I think I would leave rm as it is, but add a delete utility. What do you tihink?
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if your shell has aliasing, you could always alias whatever command you would use as the 'rm' command. however this behavior of 'rm' is uniform across all unices (AFAIK) so it really makes sense that it REALLY deletes the file. i wouldnt expect rm to do anything less
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