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mkhtmlindex(1) [xfree86 man page]

mkhtmlindex(1)						      General Commands Manual						    mkhtmlindex(1)

mkhtmlindex - generate index files for HTML man pages SYNOPSIS
mkhtmlindex htmlmandir DESCRIPTION
The mkhtmlindex program generates index files for a directory of HTML-formatted manual pages. It searches for files whose names are of the form "name.1.html", and outputs index files "manindex1.html", "manindex.2.html", and so on, one for each manual volume. Empty index files will be removed. Names and descriptions are found by scanning the first <H2> section of each page. OPTIONS
mkhtmlindex takes only one argument: the directory to process. NOTES
This utility is currently rather specific to XFree86. In particular, the format of the index files it outputs is not configurable, nor is the HTML formatting it expects of manual pages. AUTHOR
David Dawes wrote the mkhtmlindex program for XFree86. Colin Watson wrote this manual page, originally for the Debian Project. XFree86 Version 4.7.0 mkhtmlindex(1)

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Pod::Tree::PerlBin(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   Pod::Tree::PerlBin(3pm)

Pod::Tree::PerlBin - translate program PODs to HTML SYNOPSIS
$perl_map = new Pod::Tree::PerlMap; $perl_bin = new Pod::Tree::PerlBin $perl_dir, $HTML_dir, $perl_map, %opts; $perl_bin->scan(@path); $perl_bin->index; $perl_bin->translate; $top = $perl_bin->get_top_entry; DESCRIPTION
"Pod::Tree::PerlBin" translates program PODs to HTML. It searches for programs in a list of directories (typically a PATH), and searches for PODs withing the programs. Only text (-T) files are considered. "Pod::Tree::PerlBin" generates a top-level index of all the program PODs, and writes it to HTML_dir"/bin.html". "Pod::Tree::PerlBin" generates and uses an index of the PODs that it finds to construct HTML links. Other modules can also use this index. METHODS
$perl_bin = "new" "Pod::Tree::PerlBin" $perl_dir, $HTML_dir, $perl_map, %options Creates and returns a new "Pod::Tree::PerlBin" object. $HTML_dir is the directory where HTML files will be written. $perl_map maps program names to URLs. %options are passed through to "Pod::Tree::HTML". The $perl_dir argument is included for consistency with the other "Pod::Tree::Perl*" modules, but is currently unused. $perl_bin->"scan"(@path) Scans all the directories in @path for program PODs. Only text (-T) files are considered. The search does not recurse through subdirectories. Each POD that is located is entered into $perl_map. $perl_bin->"index" Generates a top-level index of all the program PODs, and writes it to HTML_dir"/bin.html". $perl_bin->"translate" Translates each program POD found by "scan" to HTML. The HTML pages are written to HTML_dir. $perl_bin->"get_top_entry" Returns a hash reference of the form { URL => $URL, description => $description } "Pod::Tree::PerlTop" uses this to build a top-level index of all the Perl PODs. LINKING
"Pod::Tree::PerlBin" expects the second paragraph of the POD to have the form name - description and enters name into $perl_map. To link to a program POD from another POD, write L<name> REQUIRES
5.005 File::Find HTML::Stream Pod::Tree Pod::Tree::HTML Pod::Tree::PerlUtil EXPORTS
Nothing. SEE ALSO
"Pod::Tree::HTML", "Pod::Tree::PerlMap", AUTHOR
Steven McDougall, COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2000 by Steven McDougall. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl. perl v5.10.1 2006-04-17 Pod::Tree::PerlBin(3pm)

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