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XtSetKeyTranslator(3)			   XT FUNCTIONS 		    XtSetKeyTranslator(3)

       XtSetKeyTranslator, XtTranslateKeycode, XtRegisterCaseConverter, XtConvertCase - convert
       KeySym to KeyCodes

       void XtSetKeyTranslator(Display *display, XtKeyProc proc);

       void XtTranslateKeycode(Display *display, KeyCode keycode, Modifiers modifiers, Modifiers
	      *modifiers_return, KeySym *keysym_return);

       void XtRegisterCaseConverter(Display *display, XtCaseProc proc, KeySym start, KeySym

       void XtConvertCase(Display *display, KeySym keysym, KeySym *lower_return, KeySym

       display	 Specifies the display.

       keycode	 Specifies the KeyCode to translate.

       keysym	 Specifies the KeySym to convert.

		 Returns the resulting KeySym.

		 Returns the lowercase equivalent of the KeySym.

		 Returns the uppercase equivalent of the KeySym.

       modifiers Specifies the modifiers to the KeyCode.

		 Returns a mask that indicates the modifiers actually used to generate the

       proc	 Specifies the procedure that is to perform key translations or conversions.

       start	 Specifies the first KeySym for which this converter is valid.

       stop	 Specifies the last KeySym for which this converter is valid.

       The XtSetKeyTranslator function sets the specified procedure as the current key transla-
       tor.  The default translator is XtTranslateKey, an XtKeyProc that uses Shift and Lock mod-
       ifiers with the interpretations defined by the core protocol.  It is provided so that new
       translators can call it to get default KeyCode-to-KeySym translations and so that the
       default translator can be reinstalled.

       The XtTranslateKeycode function passes the specified arguments directly to the currently
       registered KeyCode to KeySym translator.

       The XtRegisterCaseConverter registers the specified case converter.  The start and stop
       arguments provide the inclusive range of KeySyms for which this converter is to be called.
       The new converter overrides any previous converters for KeySyms in that range.  No inter-
       face exists to remove converters; you need to register an identity converter.  When a new
       converter is registered, the Intrinsics	refreshes the keyboard state if necessary.  The
       default converter understands case conversion for all KeySyms defined in the core proto-

       The XtConvertCase function calls the appropriate converter and returns the results.  A
       user-supplied XtKeyProc may need to use this function.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.0.5			    XtSetKeyTranslator(3)
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