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XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)		   XT FUNCTIONS 		 XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)

       XtAppSetTypeConverter, XtSetTypeConverter - register resource converter

       void XtAppSetTypeConverter(XtAppContext app_context, String from_type, String to_type,
	      XtConverter converter, XtConvertArgList convert_args, Cardinal num_args, XtCa-
	      cheType cache_type, XtDestructor destructor);

       void XtSetTypeConverter(String from_type, String to_type, XtConverter converter, XtConver-
	      tArgList convert_args, Cardinal num_args, XtCacheType cache_type, XtDestructor

		 Specifies the application context.

       converter Specifies the type converter procedure.

		 Specifies how to compute the additional arguments to the converter or NULL.

       from_type Specifies the source type.

       num_args  Specifies the number of additional arguments to the converter or zero.

       to_type	 Specifies the destination type.

		 Specifies whether or not resources produced by this converter are sharable or
		 display-specific and when they should be freed.

		 Specifies a destroy procedure for resources produced by this conversion, or NULL
		 if no additional action is required to deallocate resources produced by the con-

       XtSetTypeConverter registers the specified type converter and destructor in all applica-
       tion contexts created by the calling process, including any future application contexts
       that may be created.  XtAppSetTypeConverter registers the specified type converter in the
       single application context specified. If the same from_type and to_type are specified in
       multiple calls to either function, the most recent overrides the previous ones.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.0.5			 XtAppSetTypeConverter(3)
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