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X11R7.4 - man page for xf86miscgetmousesettings (x11r4 section 3)

XF86MISC(3)				   X FUNCTIONS				      XF86MISC(3)

       XF86MiscQueryExtension,	XF86MiscQueryVersion,  XF86MiscGetMouseSettings, XF86MiscSetMous-
       eSettings, XF86MiscGetKbdSettings, XF86MiscSetKbdSettings  -  Extension	library  for  the
       XFree86-Misc X extension.

       #include <X11/extensions/xf86misc.h>

       Bool XF86MiscQueryExtension(
	   Display *display,
	   int *event_base_return,
	   int *error_base_return);

       Bool XF86MiscQueryVersion(
	   Display *display,
	   int *major_version_return,
	   int *minor_version_return);

       Status XF86MiscGetMouseSettings(
	   Display *display,
	   XF86MiscMouseSettings *mseinfo);

       Status XF86MiscSetMouseSettings(
	   Display *display,
	   XF86MiscMouseSettings *mseinfo);

       Status XF86MiscGetKbdSettings(
	   Display *display,
	   XF86MiscKbdSettings *kbdinfo);

       Status XF86MiscSetKbdSettings(
	   Display *display,
	   XF86MiscKbdSettings *kbdinfo);

       display		   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       screen		   Specifies which screen number the setting apply to.

       event_base_return   Returns the base event number for the extension.

       error_base_return   Returns the base error number for the extension.

			   Returns the major version number of the extension.

			   Returns the minor version number of the extension.

       mseinfo		   Specifies a structure which contains the mouse parameters.

       kbdinfo		   Specifies a structure which contains the keyboard parameters.

       typedef struct {
	   char *device;	     /* returned path to device */
	   int type;		     /* mouse protocol */
	   int baudrate;	     /* 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600 */
	   int samplerate;	     /* samples per second */
	   int resolution;	     /* resolution, count per inch */
	   int buttons; 	     /* number of buttons */
	   Bool emulate3buttons;     /* Button1+Button3 -> Button2 ? */
	   int emulate3timeout;      /* in milliseconds */
	   Bool chordmiddle;	     /* Button1+Button3 == Button2 ? */
	   int flags;		     /* Device open flags */
       } XF86MiscMouseSettings;

       typedef struct {
	   int type;		     /* of keyboard: 84-key, 101-key, Xqueue  */
	   int rate;		     /* repeat rate */
	   int delay;		     /* delay until repeat starts */
	   Bool servnumlock;	     /* Server handles NumLock ? */
       } XF86MiscKbdSettings;

       These  functions  provide  an interface to the XFree86-Misc extension which allows various
       server settings to be queried and changed dynamically.  Applications that use these  func-
       tions must be linked with -lXxf86misc

       The XF86MiscGetSaver and XF86MiscSetSaver functions have been removed.  This functionality
       is now provided by the DPMS extension.

       Mouse parameters can be queried using the function XF86MiscGetMouseSettings.   The  struc-
       ture pointed to by its second argument is filled in with the current mouse settings.

       Not  all  fields  are  valid in all cases.  For example, when the protocol indicates a bus
       mouse (i.e. the type field has value MTYPE_BUSMOUSE as defined in  xf86misc.h),	then  the
       value in the baudrate field should be ignored as it does not apply to bus mice.

       The  samplerate	field  contains  the  resolution in lines per inch when using the Hitachi
       tablet protocol.

       The device field of the structure points to dynamically allocated storage which should  be
       freed by the caller.

       Any  of the fields of the structure can be altered and then passed to the XF86MiscSetMous-
       eSettings function to change their value in the server, with the following restrictions:

	    1) The device can not be changed

	    2) The protocol can not be changed to or from Xqueue or OsMouse

	    3) The buttons field can not be changed

	    4) Invalid combinations of parameters are not allowed

       The server will generate an error if any of the above is attempted, except the first - the
       contents of the device field are simply ignored.

       A change of the protocol causes the device to be closed and reopened.  Changes to the baud
       rate, sample rate, resolution or flags, when applicable to  the	selected  protocol,  also
       cause  a reopen of the device.  A reopen can be forced by using the MF_REOPEN flag, except
       in the case of the OsMouse and Xqueue protocols which ignore all attempts  to  reopen  the

       The  XF86MiscGetKbdSettings  function  allows you to retrieve the current keyboard-related
       settings from the server.

       Using the XF86MiscSetKbdSettings function, the keyboard autorepeat delay and rate  can  be
       set.   Requests to change the type and servnumlock fields are ignored (except for checking
       for an invalid keyboard type).  This is expected to change in a future release.

       Two functions, XF86MiscQueryExtension and XF86MiscQueryVersion, are provided  which  allow
       the client to query some information regarding the extension itself.

       The header file X11/extensions/xf86misc.h contains definitions for

       MTYPE_*	 Mouse protocols

       KTYPE_*	 Keyboard types

       MF_*	 Mouse flags

       xset(1), xorg.conf(5)

       Joe Moss and David Dawes, The XFree86 Project, Inc.

X Version 11				libXxf86misc 1.0.1			      XF86MISC(3)

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