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TERM(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   TERM(7)

terminals- conventional names DESCRIPTION
These names are used by certain commands and are maintained as part of the shell environment (see sh(1),environ(5)). 1620 DIABLO 1620 (and others using HyType II) 1620-12 same, in 12-pitch mode 300 DASI/DTC/GSI 300 (and others using HyType I) 300-12 same, in 12-pitch mode 300s DASI/DTC 300/S 300s-12 same, in 12-pitch mode 33 TELETYPE(R) Model 33 37 TELETYPE Model 37 40-2 TELETYPE Model 40/2 43 TELETYPE Model 43 450 DASI 450 (same as Diablo 1620) 450-12 same, in 12-pitch mode 450-12-8 same, in 12-pitch, 8 lines/inch mode 735 Texas Instruments TI735 (and TI725) 745 Texas Instruments TI745 dumb terminals with no special features hp Hewlett-Packard HP264? series terminals 4014 Tektronix 4014 tn1200 General Electric TermiNet 1200 tn300 General Electric TermiNet 300 vt05 Digital Equipment Corp. VT05 Commands whose behavior may depend on the terminal accept arguments of the form -Tterm, where term is one of the names given above. If no such argument is present, a command may consult the shell environment for the terminal type. SEE ALSO
stty(1), tabs(1), plot(1), sh(1), environ(5) troff(1) for nroff BUGS
The programs that ought to adhere to this nomenclature do so only fitfully. TERM(7)

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term(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   term(7)

       term - conventional names for terminals

       Certain commands use these terminal names. They are maintained as part of the shell environment. For further information, see and

       adm3a	 Lear-Siegler ADM-3a
       2621	 Hewlett-Packard HP262? series terminals
       hp	 Hewlett-Packard HP264? series terminals
       c100	 Human Designed Systems Concept 100
       h19	 Heathkit H19
       mime	 Microterm mime in enhanced ACT IV mode
       1620	 Diablo 1620 (and others using HyType II)
       300	 DASI/DTC/GSI 300 (and others using HyType I)
       33	 Teletype Model 33
       37	 Teletype Model 37
       43	 Teletype Model 43
       735	 Texas Instruments TI735 (and TI725)
       745	 Texas Instruments TI745
       dumb	 Terminals with no special features
       dialup	 A terminal on a phone line with no known characteristics
       network	 A terminal on a network connection with no known characteristics
       4014	 Tektronix 4014
       vt52	 Digital Equipment Corp. VT52
       vt100	 Digital Equipment Corp. VT100
       vt200	 Digital Equipment Corp. VT200 - used on VT220, VT240
       vt300	 Digital Equipment Corp. VT300 - used on VT330, VT340
       xterm	 xterm terminal emulator, X window system

       See for an up-to-date and locally correct list.	See for more information on

       Commands  whose	behavior may depend on the terminal, either consult TERM in the environment, or accept arguments of the form where term is
       one of the names given above.

See Also
       clear(1), ex(1), more(1), nroff(1), plot(1g), sh(1), stty(1), tabs(1), tset(1), ul(1), termcap(3x), termcap(5), environ(7)

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