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CHESS(6)							   Games Manual 							  CHESS(6)

chess - the game of chess SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/chess DESCRIPTION
Chess is a computer program that plays class D chess. Moves may be given either in standard (descriptive) notation or in algebraic nota- tion. The symbol `+' is used to specify check; `o-o' and `o-o-o' specify castling. To play black, type `first'; to print the board, type an empty line. Each move is echoed in the appropriate notation followed by the program's reply. FILES
/usr/lib/book opening `book' DIAGNOSTICS
The most cryptic diagnostic is `eh?' which means that the input was syntactically incorrect. WARNING
Over-use of this program will cause it to go away. BUGS
Pawns may be promoted only to queens. CHESS(6)

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TOURNEY-MANAGER(6)						     games(6)							TOURNEY-MANAGER(6)

tourney-manager - perl interface to run chess engine tourneys SYNOPSIS
tourney-manager configfiles DESCRIPTION
tourney-manager helps you to run chess engine tournaments easyly. Running Tournaments: 1. Create a directory in which the tourneymanager can put all his temporary files, configuration and results. 2. Then create the configuration files. Look at /usr/share/doc/tourney-manager/example.conf which is supplied along with the tourney man- ager. Copy this to the tourney directory,it is rather well commented. More tuning has to be done to specify non standard chess engines. The example-engine.conf has some standard engines set. The settings have to be tuned according your system. Example for an UCI engine: example-engines.conf: engine = Glaurung2 bin = /home/username/chess/tourney/ #!/bin/bash /usr/games/polyglot /home/username/chess/tourney/glaurung.ini glaurung.ini: [PolyGlot] EngineDir = . EngineCommand = /usr/games/glaurung Log = false LogFile = glaurung.log Resign = true ResignScore = 600 [Engine] Hash = 64 OwnBook = false Threads = 1 3. Start the tourney manager tourney-manager The tourney manager uses an interactive command shell. To start up quickly,the following sequence of commands should be enough: create print start Help about commands is available by 'help' and 'help <command>'. OPTIONS
This program just takes the configfile as an option. SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/tourney-manager/example.conf, and /usr/share/doc/tourney-manager/example-engines.conf. AUTHOR
tourney-manager was written by Holger Ruckdeschel <>. This manual page was written by Oliver Korff <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Oliver Korff July 12, 2006 TOURNEY-MANAGER(6)
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