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quiz(6) [v7 man page]

QUIZ(6) 							   Games Manual 							   QUIZ(6)

quiz - test your knowledge SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/quiz [ -i file ] [ -t ] [ category1 category2 ] DESCRIPTION
Quiz gives associative knowledge tests on various subjects. It asks items chosen from category1 and expects answers from category2. If no categories are specified, quiz gives instructions and lists the available categories. Quiz tells a correct answer whenever you type a bare newline. At the end of input, upon interrupt, or when questions run out, quiz reports a score and terminates. The -t flag specifies `tutorial' mode, where missed questions are repeated later, and material is gradually introduced as you learn. The -i flag causes the named file to be substituted for the default index file. The lines of these files have the syntax: line = category newline | category `:' line category = alternate | category `|' alternate alternate = empty | alternate primary primary = character | `[' category `]' | option option = `{' category `}' The first category on each line of an index file names an information file. The remaining categories specify the order and contents of the data in each line of the information file. Information files have the same syntax. Backslash `' is used as with sh(1) to quote syntacti- cally significant characters or to insert transparent newlines into a line. When either a question or its answer is empty, quiz will refrain from asking it. FILES
/usr/games/quiz.k/* BUGS
The construct `a|ab' doesn't work in an information file. Use `a{b}'. QUIZ(6)

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CHCAT(8)							   User Commands							  CHCAT(8)

chcat - change file SELinux security category SYNOPSIS
chcat category file... chcat -l category user... chcat [[+|-]category...] file... chcat -l [[+|-]category...] user... chcat [-d] file... chcat -l [-d] user... chcat -L [ -l ] [ user ... ] DESCRIPTION
Change/Remove the security category for each file or user. Use +/- to add/remove categories from a file or user. Note: When removing a category you must specify '--' on the command line before using the -Category syntax. This tells the command that you have finished entering options and are now specifying a category name instead. -d delete the category from each FILE/USER. -L list available categories. -l Tells chcat to operate on users instead of files. SEE ALSO
chcon(1), selinux(8), semanage(8) When operating on files this script wraps the chcon command. FILES
/etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/seusers chcat September 2005 CHCAT(8)

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