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irnetd(4) [v7 man page]

IRNETD(4)						       Linux-IrDA man pages							 IRNETD(4)

irnetd - Handle automatically incoming IrNET connections SYNOPSIS
irnetd [ppp-options] DESCRIPTION
Irnetd is a very simple daemon automatically handling incoming IrNET connections. Every time a peer attempt to connect to the local com- puter, irnetd generates the relevant pppd(8) command to starts an IrNET server handling this peer. PARAMETERS
ppp-options Override the default pppd(8) options. These options will just be passed on the command line of pppd(8). The default options are "noauth nolock connect-delay 0 idle 10" which should fit most usages. AUTHOR
Jean Tourrilhes - FILES
/dev/irnet SEE ALSO
irda(7), irnet(4), pppd(8), irattach(8), irdadump(8). irda-utils 2 May 2003 IRNETD(4)
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