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file_exists(3alleg4) [v7 man page]

file_exists(3alleg4)						  Allegro manual					      file_exists(3alleg4)

file_exists - Tells if a file exists. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> int file_exists(const char *filename, int attrib, int *aret); DESCRIPTION
Checks whether a file matching the given name and attributes (see beginning of this chapter) exists. If `aret' is not NULL, it will be set to the attributes of the matching file. Example: /* Check for a normal file. */ if (file_exists("franken.dat", 0, NULL)) allegro_message("It is alive! "); RETURN VALUE
Returns non-zero if the file exists, or zero if it doesn't or the specified attributes mask it out. SEE ALSO
exists(3alleg4), file_size_ex(3alleg4), file_time(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 file_exists(3alleg4)
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