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FOPEN(3S)										FOPEN(3S)

       fopen, freopen, fdopen - open a stream

       #include <stdio.h>

       FILE *fopen(filename, type)
       char *filename, *type;

       FILE *freopen(filename, type, stream)
       char *filename, *type;
       FILE *stream;

       FILE *fdopen(fildes, type)
       char *type;

       Fopen  opens  the file named by filename and associates a stream with it.  Fopen returns a
       pointer to be used to identify the stream in subsequent operations.

       Type is a character string having one of the following values:

       "r"  open for reading

       "w"  create for writing

       "a"  append: open for writing at end of file, or create for writing

       Freopen substitutes the named file in place of the open stream.	It returns  the  original
       value of stream.  The original stream is closed.

       Freopen	is  typically used to attach the preopened constant names, stdin, stdout, stderr,
       to specified files.

       Fdopen associates a stream with a file descriptor  obtained  from  open,  dup,  creat,  or
       pipe(2).  The type of the stream must agree with the mode of the open file.

       open(2), fclose(3)

       Fopen and freopen return the pointer NULL if filename cannot be accessed.

       Fdopen is not portable to systems other than UNIX.

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