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OPEN(2) 										  OPEN(2)

       open - open for reading or writing

       open(name, mode)
       char *name;

       Open  opens  the  file name for reading (if mode is 0), writing (if mode is 1) or for both
       reading and writing (if mode is 2).  Name is the address of a string of	ASCII  characters
       representing a path name, terminated by a null character.

       The  file  is  positioned at the beginning (byte 0).  The returned file descriptor must be
       used for subsequent calls for other input-output functions on the file.

       creat(2), read(2), write(2), dup(2), close(2)

       The value -1 is returned if the file does not exist, if one of the  necessary  directories
       does  not  exist or is unreadable, if the file is not readable (resp. writable), or if too
       many files are open.

       (open = 5.)
       sys open; name; mode
       (file descriptor in r0)

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